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Appneticus is a service that provides statistical data about App.net, the ad-free social network. Appneticus tries to be as complete as possible when it comes to data analysis and provides data about:

• The apps that are built for App.net. Information is provided about the amount of posts and messages that are sent, using the numerous apps that were developed specifically for App.net.

• Activity on App.net. How many posts and messages are sent, and by how many different users of the network.

• The people using App.net. You can check for each user of the network which apps they use for their activity, how many posts they have sent, and how often they were mentioned by other users.

• The new users who are signing up for App.net and see who they are

• The hashtags being used.

And more....

jakoubek Oliver Jakoubek
I just "discovered" Appneticus. Really valuable and interesting stats about #ADN usage. http://appneticus.com
boxenjim Jim Schultz
Also I am loving http://appneticus.com it's the cats pajamas!
story Paul Story
@adrianus Appneticus is a great tool. Thanks for making it. Look forward to your next creation and the millions of new app.net'ers it brings.
ed3d Peter
Fascinating collection of #ADN stats http://appneticus.com/
rretsiem René
Sehr schön, eben entdeckt. Statistiken für #ADN http://appneticus.com/
little Thomas
@adrianus I'm enjoying appneticus.com tons on my iPhone.
fakre Fabian
Sehr schön, #ADN-Statistiken… fine ich Super http://appneticus.com/
griff Mark Griffiths
appneticus.com is such an interesting app.net analysis site. Thank you @adrianus for creating such a great app.
darrennoble Darren Noble
@adrianus love Appenticus btw...awesome data for a data junkie like me
sham sham
Appneticus looks awesome @adrianus
duerig Jonathon Duerig
@pme I am liking the new appneticus too. Very cool to have a one-stop shop for all my app.net analysis.
jmergy Jonathan Mergy
@adrianus Love it! http://appneticus.com Image [photos.app.net]
ti_leo Ti Leo
Appneticus ist ja nett. Mal genauer anschauen.
billkunz Bill Kunz
@adrianus Very cool to play with appneticus.com - thanks for these tools. :)
ronnie Ronnie
If you like data, then you'll love Appneticus [appneticus.com]. @adrianus knocks it out of the park with the new interface.
kristijan Kristijan Šimić
Oh wow, detailed App.net user statistics, so helpful! http://appneticus.com
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